Tribal enrollment is one of the most significant elements in one's life. Unfortunately, tribal enrollment can be as complex and confusing, as it is important. Membership into Thlopthlocco Tribal Town allows you to continue your shared past into a shared future.

The first priority for eligibility is that a matrilineal descendancy from a base enrollee of the 1890 Creek Census Roll or 1895 Creek Payroll of the Thlopthlocco Tribal Town exists. The second, if the biological mother has no Muscogee (Creek) blood whatsoever, and the father is a tribal member then the applicant is eligible for membership.

Please contact Wayne Harjo if you have any questions regarding Thlopthlocco Tribal Town Tribal enrollment.

Phone: (918) 560-6107 Fax: (918) 623-3023

The following Thlopthlocco Tribal Town enrollment documents are available to download.