Pictured from left to right.   Back row:  Barbara Canard - Welborn,  Advisor;  Janna Dickey,  Advisor;  Tonya Walker,  Advisor;  Jeff McCoy,  tribal member.  Front row:  Ron Barnett, Advisor;  Ryan Morrow, Town King;  the late Mekko George Scott;  Celesta Johnson, Secretary;  and Brent Brown,  Warrior.   Not pictured are Tracey Hill,  Advisor; and Max Trickey,  Treasurer.

Tribal Government

The governing body is known as the Business Committee, which consists of the five elected officials and five appointed advisory council. The five elected officials include: Town King, two Warriors, a Secretary and a Treasurer. These officials are elected by the town membership and hold the term for a period of four years, or until their successors are elected and installed. The Advisory Council consists of five members of the town who are appointed by elected officials.

The duty of the Town King is to preside over the meetings and carry out the orders of the Business Committee. The Secretary is responsible for keeping full reports of all proceedings of each Business Committee meeting. The Treasurer is the custodian of all moneys which may come under the jurisdiction of and into the control of the Business Committee. The duty of the Business Committee is to promote the general welfare of the members of this town and to carry out the provisions and purposes of the Constitution and By-laws of the Thlopthlocco Tribal Town. The Business Committee has the power to appoint subordinate committees and representatives, to transact business and otherwise speak or act on behalf of the town on all matters.

Business Committee Officials -

  • Mr. Ryan Morrow,  Town King
  • Mr. Brent Brown,  Warrior
  • Ms. Celesta Johnson,  Secretary
  • Mr. Max Trickey,  Treasurer

Business Committee Advisors -

  • Ms. Janna Dickey
  • Ms. Tracey Hill
  • Mr. Ron Barnett
  • Ms. Barbara Canard-Welborn
  • Ms. Tonya Walker

Membership committee -

  • Ms. Judy Kelsey,  Chair
  • Ms. Rosalie Bateman,  Member
  • Ms. Billie Curry,  Member

Grievance committee -

  • Ms. Gwen Espinoza
  • Mr. Wilbert Lowe
  • Ms. Trillia Riley

Constitution development committee -

  • Mr. Simmon O. Harjo,  Chairman
  • Ms. Jenna Leitka,  Secretary
  • Ms. Ethel Humble,  Member
  • Mr. Eldon Kelough,  Member
  • Ms. Julie Sharp,  Member
  • Vacant,  ex-officio

Gaming commission -

  • Ms. Suzette Trickey,  Chair
  • Mr. Gary Gerty,  Vice-Chair
  • Mr. Carter Maxey,  Secretary

Election board-

  • Mr. Billy Chalakee,  Chairman
  • Vacant,  Vice-Chairman
  • Vacant,  Secretary