Family Services

The program intent of the Thlopthlocco Social Services Program is to promote the general welfare needs of those members of the membership community in broad areas such as economics, private living and operations, mind, body, and general wellness, cultural and social interaction at all levels of diversification.

Elderly Utility assistance Elders ages 65 and over may apply for assistance in paying utility bills. The maximum amount allowed per year is $1,250. Basic phone charges can be paid for telephone. (No long distance). Lawn service is provided up to $30.00 each time which includes mowing and winter shoveling. Driveways and walkways $15 dollars is allowed. Vendors providing lawn services must submit a W-9 form before any payment will be made. Cable television charges are not allowed. Original invoices must be submitted and services must be in the tribal member’s name. Tribal Utility Funds for tribal members ages 18 to 61 are available in the amount of $500 per year to assist with utility bills. All original bills must be submitted and the utility services must be in the tribal members' name.

Motor Fuels assistance for in-state tribal members which provides $250 annually for medical, school clothing and High School Seniors. Tribal members that do not qualify for Higher Education may utilize these funds for educational assistance. Emergency Assistance Provides $200 in assistance for emergency needs for all tribal members. Emergency must be documented on the application form.

Higher Education assistance is $500 for students attending full-time, 12 or more hours for the fall or spring semester. Full time for the summer semester is 6 hours. Persons attending vo-tech will receive $250 per semester.

School Clothing assistance is limited to $250 per school year for grades K-12. A letter on the schools' letterhead must be submitted with the application verifying that the student is enrolled. Out of State School Clothing Same information as above.

Legal Assistance $2,500 is allowed in a 10 year period for Legal Assistance. There are only 8 applications accepted per year. A denial letter from either the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Legal Services or Legal Aide must accompany each application.